How to Create a Quora Account in a Right Way to Improve Sales

Quora is becoming a favorite platform of many bloggers as it allows discussing and sharing various types of content from multiple niches. Quora can bring many advantages in terms of traffic and leads. Even businesses and marketers are using Quora marketing to reach their target audience and boost their sales.
By using Quora marketing strategically, you can not only make your content marketing effective but also generate a great number of sales. But to make Quora work for you in the desired way, you have to create a perfect Quora profile. Below we’re sharing some tips on how to create a Quora account in a correct way so that you can improve your sales.


1. Join Quora & Follow Topics

To get started with Quora, you need to create an account first. Head towards and sign up to begin creating your account on Quora. As soon as you signed up, an option appears that asks you to select your interests. It suggests numerous topics that you can follow.
You should choose all the related topics to your industry and also follow topics in which you’ve expertise. It’s important to follow topics wisely as related questions will appear on your wall that you can answer instantly.


2. Set Up Your Profile

It’s essential to completely fill your profile so it looks professional. Your profile is what helps you build credibility and authenticity on Quora platform. When you answer questions, people look out at your profile to follow you. Your profile page has an immense opportunity to generate sales for your business if you do it right.
Add a professional photo on your profile and describe about you with a qualitative copy. Add links to your social media profiles and your website. You can also list top blogs or other important pages of your website to direct people on your site.


3. Create a Bio That Works

Your bio on Quora profile is what helps you create an optimized profile page. A perfect bio can help you increase your followers count interestingly while you can directly generate leads through your Quora profile page. First 50 characters are very important as Quora always shows it as a tagline above your answers.
You can make use of keywords, links, images, etc in your detailed bio where you have the opportunity to impress people. Briefly mention about your experience, expertise and your business in the bio to make people interested.


4. Add Credentials

On Quora, you have option to add credentials on your profile page where you can add multiple information. It can be related to your career, employment, education, location, etc. Credentials also play an important role in making you trustworthy on Quora.
By adding multiple credentials, you can make your profile more credible. It can also help you show your experience and expertise so that more followers you can gain. You can add your social media profiles by visiting settings option and they will be displayed on the profile.


5. Build a Quora Business Page

Apart from creating your personal account, you should also consider building a business page on Quora. There are many topics that can be created on Quora and it can also be your brand keyword. It’s a good idea to create a topic on your brand keyword so that queries related to your brand name comes under one place.
Once you created your business page, you can edit it to customize further such as adding logo and description. Make sure to keep an eye on your brand page as other people can also edit it.



We hope you get it that how to build a perfect Quora account profile. Quora is an important part of your overall marketing strategy so make sure you use it in a correct way. Create and complete your Quora profile before you start marketing and then you’ll be able to improve your sales.

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Nunc eu molestie ex. Mauris tempus velit et sagittis posuere. Nunc porttitor, nibh sed placerat convallis, ipsum nisl varius ligula.