How to do Quora Marketing for Business?

Technology has taken over the world at a very fast pace. This was not the case in the 90s.
People in 90s never trusted technology; it was difficult to understand and had fewer features.
20s marked the growth of technological advancement and with it came digitization.
Digitization is the process of converting information into digital formation.
Digitization is the new era. Today almost everything has moved to digital. People can learn,
work and earn money from their couch at their homes. Especially if we see today’s scenario
that is the lockdown due to coronavirus, people have realised the value and importance of
digital platforms and its benefits. Digital marketing is a way through with you can market
your business to a huge customer base within a small amount of time.
There are numerous benefits of digital market, for example: –
 Global Reach: – Digital marketing platforms give vast exposure and enable your
campaigns or ads to be visible all around the globe.
 Low Cost: – It is an affordable alternative to the traditional marketing method. It
creates more impact and costs less.
 Measurable: – with digital marketing you can keep track of your performance. You
can measure your specific goals to be achieved as well as monitor the performance of
your ads. You can also know the number of people who viewed of ads and the
conversion rates.
 Easy to share: – Digital marketing channels enable you to easily share your
campaigns or ads with people who can then share it further.
 Customer engagement: – Digital marketing platforms allow you to engage with your
audience at any time. You can answer the customer’s questions, clear their doubts and
misconceptions and generate sales. Digital marketing enables you to capture the
attention of your customer and build a credible reputation.
Digital marketing is on the rise. This is because customers now are highly reliant on online
channels. With advancements in technology such artificial intelligence and machine learning,
marketers now are equipped better and can reach customers on digital devices at just the right
There are numerous ways to connect with the customers online. In today’s modern digital
landscape, there are many tech tools and platforms that can be used to market your business
and reach your goals. Here are a few digital marketing platforms loved by many
entrepreneurs: –
 Instagram: – When formed it was platforms used to share pictures but today it has
evolved beyond personal use and is wide used by businesses today.
 Quora: – It is an information focused site where people ask questions and provide
answers. You can bring tons of traffic and customers through Quora.

 Twitter: – Twitter is a place where you can see what’s happening around. The
frequency of your tweet increases the chances of increasing your brand’s visibility
and awareness.
 LinkedIn: – LinkedIn gives professionals and freshers an opportunity to connect with
other professionals in order to learn and grow together.
 Facebook: – Since the beginning of time Facebook is considers a powerful social
media tool. It provides great opportunities for marketers to promote their businesses.
Now let’s discuss about Quora in detail. Quora possess great marketing opportunities than
people know.
Quora is an information focused site focused on understanding the world and the people
within it. It enables users to ask questions get solutions from professionals in the field. The
questions can range from basic questions to professional questions. On Quora one can find
something worth talking about. Quora relies on a credit based up voting system. The more
people that up vote your answer, the more exposure it gets. On Quora one can: –
 Publish content.
 Target questions to specific users in order to collaborate with industry influencers.
 Search for specific topics and keywords related to your business.
 Pay money to get questions visible to more people.
Quora is excellent platform for generating organic awareness, improving reputation and helps
you to learn more about your audience. Quora is a smart place for marketers. Here are ways
how you can successfully market your business through Quora: –
 Create an optimal profile: – A great profile is always essential. With every answer
posted a small bio is visible on top. It shows the first 50 characters of your profile as a
tagline above your answer. You can include your company name or even a clickable
link in it. Your bio can also be topic specific. To create topic specific bios you can
add in the know about column in the profile page. You can describe your experience
next to each topic chosen. Fill the rest of the Quora profile as a complete bio helps
you to get found on Quora easily and makes you seem credible when you answer.
 Track topics with notifications: – You can conduct market research with Quora.
Quora can be used to learn about what people are saying in your industry, track
relevant topics and notify about new questions. To find new topics you can type the
keyword in the search box and then follow the topics from the list obtained. You can
also follow people from the specific industry. By setting up the notification you can
also get notified about any new post made the person you are following or any new
question asked.
 Choose the correct questions for answering: – An essential part of Quora
marketing is choosing the correct question for answering. Select the questions that
are relevant in order to be visible and to add an authoritative voice to a completely
new question. Strategic ways to answer the questions are: –
 Search for topic related to your expertise

 Choose questions that best fits your business
 Find treads with lots of up votes
 Find new questions and answer them too.
 Answer with passion and authority: – Yours answers must clearly show the readers
that you are an expert in the topic. Make sure that your answer stands out. Give an
insightful response and add links to relevant content if necessary.
Remember to show your passion for the topic while answering and don’t be afraid to
showcase your brand’s unique tone of voice. You can even use Quora’s version of
emojis to make your answers more appealing. As we all know images attract more
audience, thus you can use images to support your answers.
 Connect with other Quora users: – Quora is social media platforms and enable you
to engage with potential leads and customers. It allows you to communicate directly
with other people and hence you can enrich your relationships with your customers.
You can also connect with professionals within the same industry. You can find
people talking about your company or product and respond to them meaningfully,
strengthening the customer relationship.
 Review your analytics carefully: – Actively participating in Quora increases your
credibility and thought leadership and also helps build your reputation.
On Quora you can review all the analytics for every questions answered by you. You
track how many people viewed your answer, how many up votes received. You can
even measure the number of valuable click- through from the tracking link.
Thus through this you can measure which questions are generating value to your
brand and move forwards with such topics.
Using Quora for marketing serves as a fantastic supplement for any promotional strategy.
With Quora you can highlight your position as an industry thought leader, drive traffic to
your website and build relationships with customers. These some of the benefits of Quora
marketing: –
 Exceptional Reach: – You can share your questions and answers with over more than
300 million monthly visitors and get useful insights from professionals all around the
 Search Visibility: – You can search Quora questions through google.
 Thought Leadership Potential: – There are many high-profile writers on Quora.
Joining their ranks with boost your brand.
 High-quality traffic: – You can drive customers to your website by answering to
their questions and showing them how your services or products can solve their
 Insights into audience: – Helping your audience will help you return as they can
invest in your products and services. It is possible to convert your customers into your
new brand advocates.
There are many tips to grow your presence and successfully market your business through
Quora but the most important tip is that you must deliver value. To learn more you can

contact digital marketing agencies. You can contact us at DIGIDZN if you need digital
marketing solutions for your growing business. We are a digital marketing agency located
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Nunc eu molestie ex. Mauris tempus velit et sagittis posuere. Nunc porttitor, nibh sed placerat convallis, ipsum nisl varius ligula.