How to Use Quora to Improve Lead Generation Process

Quora is one of the biggest questions and answers platform which generates over half a billion visits every month. If you’re a marketer or have a business, your presence on Quora is now becoming a necessity as this platform can bring you some extra advantages that are very helpful for the growth.
There’s no doubt that Quora is a great platform to enhance your content marketing efforts. By using Quora in the right way, you can not only generate massive traffic to your website but also acquire more leads for your business. If you wonder how to generate leads using Quora, continue reading as we’re sharing tips on improving lead generation process using Quora.


1. Create a Perfect Quora Profile

Everything begins with the right profile. Consider creating a profile that looks genuine and reflects your expertise. People will trust you when they find your profile authentic and relevant to the topic. A perfect profile can directly land you leads if prospect finds it beneficial.
Consider adding a detailed bio in about me section, add your interests and areas of expertise, also consider uploading a professional profile picture. You must add your credentials as it’s shown with your answers and help readers know your expertise.


2. Find Right Questions to Answer

To generate leads from Quora, you have to find out the right questions that are relevant to your business. For this, use the search bar and search with your target keywords. Once you find a question, Quora also suggests related questions that you can use.
You can follow all the relevant topics on Quora so that whenever a new question generates, it appears on your wall. You must also try answering questions faster to cope with the competition and generate leads.


3. Answer in Interesting Way

Now if you are answering a question, keep in mind that self-promotion while bringing zero value to answer doesn’t work. Poor answers can be deleted or collapsed by Quora moderation. You must aim for writing answers that provide real value and solves query.
To make your answers interesting, add images or use formatting options like bold, italic, bullet points, etc. Keep your answer relevant and use short paragraphs. You can, of course, use call-to-actions or links in between or at the end of the answer.


4. Message Prospects & Followers

Quora has a feature of private messaging that can be helpful for your lead generation process. Connect with more people on Quora, follow people to increase your following and then you can reach out to them. You should allow anyone to send messages in your Quora privacy settings.
Connect and interact with followers, send them a thank you note or answer reference in private messages to begin a conversation. Analyze activities on your questions and answers to find out the prospects you would like to connect with.


5. Mention & Follow-up

While answering or commenting on questions, you can mention or tag other Quora users. They will get a notification about this and may check your answers or profile. This technique can be helpful to increase your visibility and followers on Quora.
Mention people with similar or more expertise, follow-up with them in comments and encourage your followers to share. You can build a network with this method which helps you connect with more peoples. Ultimately, it helps you generate new leads.



Quora could become your great source of lead generation if you use this platform smartly. We shared some cool ways you can consider implementing in your Quora strategy so that your lead generation process can be improved. Follow these tips and watch your leads count rising with time.

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Nunc eu molestie ex. Mauris tempus velit et sagittis posuere. Nunc porttitor, nibh sed placerat convallis, ipsum nisl varius ligula.