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Of late, Quora has turned into an effective platform to ask questions, share knowledge, gain insights, and above all, push your brand. This is a freely available platform for gaining information and if properly used, it can translate into a marketing and lead generation powerhouse.

Here, we explore a few tips and tricks for marketing on Quora. Some of them might be known, but the usefulness of Quora is so great that you can’t afford to not review your habits and see if there are Quora tricks you’ve missed.

Here are 10 Quora marketing tricks we love:

1) Real name sells more than a pseudonym

A better way to increase your brand value is to improve your credibility on social forums. As every answer counts and speaks volumes of your brand, keep you answers explanatory, offering more help. Never use abusive language when people disagree with your answers. Keep it calm and cool, to put the things in proper flow.

As a campaigner for a cause, service, product or brand; it’s better to use your real name than a pseudonym as it pours in more value and authenticity on your claims. It’s quite obvious that people lay trust on a human and not a bot. So if you give that human touch in your answers, your dependability and trustworthiness is under no doubt.

2) Become a most viewed writer

You can become an expert in your field and people will ask for suggestions. This happens when you frequently write answers to relevant questions on Quora. Set some main topics of interest and start writing, and also take answer suggestions whenever Quora throws some questions at you. This brings you the coveted title of “most viewed writer” (for the particular topic) under your name, which in turn confers expert status.

The top three writers will be featured on your topic’s most popular page. When this happens, add your product name to your bio, and the automatically features your product on the main page of your targeted topic.

3) Be original in your answers

Readers are discerning. People know how to differentiate between a real answer and a copied one, so if you don’t have a meaningful answer for a given question, leave the topic or put your rewriting skills to proper use.

4) Write long answers with a lot of details

Short and one-line answers collapse on Quora and don’t get seen as much. So add more lines to your answer to make it more informative. You can add examples to your answers to strengthen them. However, don’t add irrelevant content just for the sake of keeping your answer in front of viewers. Remember, you must always bring real value.

5) Images add zest and value

No matter how insightful your responses are, adding images adds a lot of appeal and increases the chances of getting up-voted. With more upvotes, the answer shows up on the top of the feed.

6) GIFs are preferred over videos

You can tell the greatness of your product with GIFs. They are getting more eyeballs than the regular videos from YouTube. This fad is slowly catching up with people posting funny clips on social channels to some value added content on forums.

The striking factor of a GIF is that things get into motion all of a sudden and that short burst of video in an autoplay mode gets all your attention. It takes away the woes of video streaming and making the audience hit the play button. You can call this a quick fix and a smart replacement for the traditional video.

7) Comment on other answers

Your job is not done when you finish answering the questions. This can also open avenues for getting more leads from Quora. A good approach at lead generation comes to the forefront when you comment on a prospect’s answer. This sends a direct message to the person and increases the chance for the comment to be read, so place a link of your product as well.

8) Fix the meta tags

Quora converts web addresses into their meta description when you type them in the comment section. For example, when you type “ebay.com”, it flashes “Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles, Coupons and More.” This can be replaced with a simple message like “Check eBay for more exciting deals” to get the buyer’s attention.

If you type “agilecrm.com”, for instance, it transforms into “CRM Software, Sales and Marketing Automation” that gives the gist of Agile’s product offering. This is simple and to the point with a clear messaging. If you don’t want to fix meta tags, type your company’s name and manually link it to your website.

9) Also, ask questions

After you have answered enough questions, try asking a few of your own. Your potential customers like the way you reach out to them with questions like “What enhancements would you like to see in your favorite CRM?” Then leave a comment like “Appreciate you suggestion. We might roll that out soon.” If your bio speaks about your product, you need link it in the comment.

10) Answer old questions

It’s a common tendency to focus more on new questions and not to lay emphasis on the old ones. The moment you answer old questions, they climb to the top of ladder as it’s the last activity. So don’t ignore old questions. They can also gain momentum and bring more eyeballs to your answer.

Any presence is a good presence for your brand, so even if you dig the old questions and answer them to mention your brand; it adds value to your overall marketing efforts on Quora.

Your marketing efforts can get fruition with these Quora marketing tricks. This is a free platform on which you can post questions, answer others’ questions and help the community to find solutions, and ultimately, gain more mileage for your brand.

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Nunc eu molestie ex. Mauris tempus velit et sagittis posuere. Nunc porttitor, nibh sed placerat convallis, ipsum nisl varius ligula.